Parker Shell is a fresh face in Vancouver’s acting scene. Originally from Edmonton, Parker left to learn and discover both the possibilities of the acting craft and the expectations of the industry. He was immediately inspired by the new life changing challenges confirming his desire to dedicate himself to a life of professional acting. Parker graduated at the top of his class finishing with honors with distinction and receiving a diploma from New Image College of Fine Arts for a full two year acting conservatory program. During his training, Parker has played lead roles, Christopher in No Mans an Island, Audrey Buxton In All In: With Dale Darshaw and Jimmy Ray in Backstage. He has played supporting characters; Angus in That Strawberry?, Darius in Crows and The Director in Behind the 8 Ball. On stage Parker has performed the lead role Charlie Brown in God Sees Dog as well as unique roles Franny and the Stranger in Balm in Gilead. Parker has had the privilege to have worked with directors John Emmet Tracy, Raugi Yu, Craig March and Zahf Paroo. These artists along with Phil Granger and the unmentioned mentors at New Image College of Fine Arts have given Parker such a great wealth of knowledge and a unique understanding to be ready for a life of professional acting. Parker continues religiously training with acting coaches John Emmet Tracy and Richard Keats to remain hungry and to keep constantly progressing forward in his niche that is acting. In Parkers’ personal life, he loves sports and is a truly tremendous athlete. He also loves travelling, seeing the world and learning from that experience. However, Parker holds his love for family and friends above all.